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More than a Photographer

"J. Vladimir is not just a photographer; he's an editorial fashion artistic visual photographer, a modern pop art fashion portrait artist, and a creative editorial fashion photographer all rolled into one. His work transcends traditional fashion editorial photography, transforming each image into a unique masterpiece that blends fashion and art. Explore his portfolio and witness the evolution of fashion photography into a modern pop art form, where every shot tells a captivating story."

Our Clients

ford modeling agency
FCA fita chrysler automobile
BMG modeling agency
pump magazine editorial edition
new york fashion week
wilhelmina agency
modern muse agency
orlando style magazine
slate model & talent agency
GNC live well
Calvin Klein Clothing
target corp
next agency
mercedes benz

  J .  V    L    A    D    I    M    I    R


                P H O T O G R A P H E R  &  A R T I S T          

O R L A N D O . M I A M I . N Y C

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