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About JV

Photographer &  Artist

I am J. Vladimir,

an innovative artist seamlessly blending the world of editorial fashion photography with the vibrant allure of modern pop art. With a relentless passion for both crafts, I've embarked on an exhilarating journey to fuse splatter drip paint and photos, ushering forth a breathtaking realm of creativity that ignites the senses of deconstructive conversation art.

j.vladimir pop up gallery exhibition pop art vivid paint style artist

Our Story

I have been on an extraordinary journey for two decades, channeling my passion for art and photography into a remarkable career. This path was far from a preordained choice; in fact, a twist of fate led me here.

I started my career in one of the world's most fiercely competitive cities, New York, with aspirations of becoming a supermodel. However, the future I envisioned did not materialize. In the midst of this disappointment, I discovered the resounding call of my true destiny, like a soft voice echoing in the back of my ear drum. I decided to heed this call and took a risk by betting on myself. Living in New York, I realized that merely observing talent pass me by from the sidelines was insufficient. I understood I needed to immerse myself in the city's pulsating rhythm, vibrant soundscape, and boundless energy of talented people. Armed with a cheap obsolete Nikon camera and a MetroCard, I ventured into the city's depths, capturing its essence, and thus began my foray into the world of photography. I was doing little projects here and there for agencies and inspiring models like myself.

I delved into the backstage of the modeling industry, honing my craft by capturing models in their raw authenticity. I dedicated myself to mastering the art of lighting and storytelling, embarking on numerous creative projects. During this journey, a profound realization struck me: anyone can take a photograph, but not everyone can breathe life into it. This epiphany became the driving force behind my work.

My photography evolved to a level that transcended mere imagery; it became a medium through which I could convey emotions, stories, and experiences. Photography has opened doors to an exhilarating, fulfilling, and often surreal life. There were moments when I would pinch myself, wondering, "Did that just happen?" Yet, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Fast forward to today, where I've embarked on a new chapter in my creative journey. I've seamlessly incorporated my passion for art into my photography, resulting in a fusion of expression that is uniquely mine. I've begun infusing my photography with vibrant and dynamic painting drip-style pop art, creating a new dimension to my artistic endeavors. This innovative fusion has unlocked fresh opportunities in my career, with the ability to open pop-up galleries and museum opportunities and create exclusive celebrity commission art pieces.  Through the marriage of photography and art, I've discovered a more profound means of expressing who I am and what I stand for.

My journey has been a testament to the power of following one's true calling, taking risks, and constantly evolving as an artist. With each click of the shutter and brush stroke, I can convey not just images but emotions, stories, and the essence of humanity itself. My art and photography have become the mirrors through which I reflect the world and the windows through which I invite others to see it with us.

Our Clients

ford model agency
fiat chrysler automoble
BMG modeling agency
Models .com agency
pump magazine
New York Fashion Week
wilhelmina agency
modern muse
orlando style magazine
slate model & slate agency
calvin Klein
mercedes benz

  J .  V    L    A    D    I    M    I    R


                P H O T O G R A P H E R  &  A R T I S T          

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